Our mission at Young Moon

By Greg Wakatsuki

Young Moon‘s mission is to improve the world by providing clean water and energy resources to small island developing states (SIDS) and disaster-stricken areas across the globe in order to create economic opportunities and ecological benefits in resource-poor areas. Young Moon commercializes existing Department of Defense (DoD) Intellectual Property (IP) and provides venture capital to develop and accelerate clean technology innovation. 

Young Moon is guided by over thirty years of project and financial management experience, including experience in the acquisition and modernization, test and evaluation, installation and operational and life cycle support for complex Navy combat systems.

Young Moon's practice is also informed by several years of direct experience implementing a Navy technology transfer program to commercialize technology IP through licensing and public-private partnering agreements that involve the design and support for DoD infrastructure (e.g., ports and harbors, fresh water production, airfield support, etc.) through Work With Private Parties (WWPP) and Collaborative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA) agreements.