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Smart Sustainable Cities for SIDS and Coastal Communities:

A Practitioner’s Convening for Smart Sustainable City Development and Input to the Heads of State Review of the SDGs


Smart Sustainable Cities for SIDS and Coastal Communities (S3C3) is a semi-annual summit for practitioners, technologists, scholars, and policy advocates passionate about low emission development as a social equity strategy in coastal communities.

Smart sustainable city (SSC) development is a process, a tool, and an outcome, at once, to improve the quality of life, especially for those in greatest need. Small Island Developing States (SIDS), in particular, and coastal communities, in general, are communities of greatest need due to the impact of hydrological and meteorological disasters made worse by climate change, retarding gains in modern infrastructure and socioeconomic development. Some SIDS and coastal communities have limited access to development resources (e.g., human, tech, material), thereby, foreclosing SSC development as an important tool for climate resilience and global competitiveness in the Information Age.

We aim to contribute to the dialogue on SSC development in SIDS and coastal communities, convinced that such targeted dialogue will lead to action and build a community of practitioners, academics, and policy advocates to sustain it. SSC development needs to be more widely applied to improve the resilience and quality of life in SIDS and coastal communities by optimizing technology for disaster response, socioeconomic development, workforce training, and the delivery of basic city services (e.g., food, energy, water). 

Through large and small group dialogue, innovation discovery, ‘gallery walk’ of technology solutions, and networking events, this semi-annual summit will enable participants to take-away:

·          Practical tools to facilitate local collaboration on smart sustainable city initiatives and local implementation of the SDGs

·          Insight on strengthening cross-sectoral collaboration and building smart sustainable city implementation strategies in partnership with others

·          Networking with public, private, and social sector stakeholders engaged in smart sustainable city development and SDG implementation

There is abundant opportunity for side events on relevant topics in Day 2.

Who Should Attend

·          Public, private, and social sector practitioners, foundations and development organization staff who are seeking the transformation of their community via the smart sustainable city concept and SDGs

·          Technologists and program/policy practitioners focused on the food-energy-water systems nexus and basic life support city services


#S3C3 will be held over three days (Tues, Wednesday, and Thursday) in Los Angeles in late 2020, date TBD. We will update this page with venue and other program details over the next few months. We welcome your participation.